A Business Model Like No Other

Imagine a world where your executives, students or industry members can be transported, motivated, educated and inspired and…help to save the world’s most majestic wildlife at the same time!  Whether you are a corporation seeking to motivate your executives and employees, a university looking to educate and inspire your students or a trade or civic group looking to entertain your members, Jim Knox delivers to motivate, educate, inspire and entertain with remarkable animal innovation and tales from the wild. 

Jim Knox expertly imparts invaluable life lessons by being a close observer of individuals in the Animal Kingdom.  He’s devoted his life to working with animals, some cuddly, some dangerous, and this gives him an authentic and original voice when it comes to discussing the beast within us all.  His message is not only for animal lovers but anyone who believes in self-betterment, about persistence in the face of adversity, about not just surviving but thriving. 



///James Prosek

     Best-selling author 

     Peabody Award Winner

/// Dr. George Amato

      Director, Sackler Institute for

         Comparative Genomics

      Director, American Museum of Natural          History Center for Conservation


Naturalist and Educator, Jim Knox makes a compelling case for exploring and benefitting from the animal / human behavioral connection.  This is a difficult task—and he does it very well.   Jim possesses a deep understanding of how animals permeate our lives—and the deeper insights that are revealed from those complex interactions.  His unique approach—has the potential to reach more people—in a more profound way.


Jim is an outstanding presenter. He is impeccably well prepared. His witty intelligent delivery is most compelling. I was very impressed with Jim’s broad knowledge on a myriad of subjects and look forward to hearing him again, many times.


/// Richard E. Hyman
Cousteau Oceanographic Explorer, Author, Educator, Conservationist

Executive Director, Future Frogmen 

Fairfield University - Distinguished Visiting Professional Environmental Ethics


Jim Knox has taken his vast knowledge of wildlife and animal behavior to give us a unique perspective of how we tick. Wildly Successful is an inspiring self-journey that will teach us the true power of what can be accomplished through using the power of our inner animal.


/// Richard C. Wiese

      President, The Explorers Club,      

      North Pole Expedition Soloist

      Host of ABC TV's Born to Explore

Photos Courtesy of Al Marino